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Wauconda Recreational Cheer is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to recreational cheerleading, from kindergarten through 8th grade.
Please explore our website and find out what we are all about.
 If you have any questions, please contact our director, Collette Landwer

If you, or someone you know, would like to help our organization and become a sponsor, please contact our director, Collette Landwer.
Thank you.

Picture Day
Sunday, August 20th, 2017
Picture day is once again at the Wauconda High School football field.  .  Please meet up with your child's coach and do not drop your child off and let them go in by themselves.  At the request of the High School, we ask that no parents go through the gates unless they are coaches or Board Members.
The following is the APPROXIMATE photograph time for each squad.  Please check with your child's coach as to what time they want your child to arrive.  Please also keep in mind we will be having our ORGANIZATION photo at approximately 9:30, so please stick around if you're scheduled early, or please arrive by 9:15 if you are scheduled later.
Varsity            8:00 am ........... arrive by 7:45
2nd grade        8:30 am ........... arrive by 8:15
1st grade         8:45 am ........... arrive by 8:30
Kindergarten    9:00 am .......... arrive by 8:45
3rd grade       10:15 am .......... arrive by 9:15
4th/5th grade 10:30 am ......... arrive by 9:15
6th grade       10:45 am ......... arrive by 9:15
Please have your photo order forms completed with payment included prior to arrival.  You can have your child's hair any way you would like it, as these photographs are for you.
Thank you,
Wauconda Recreational Cheer
Board of Directors
If you have a balance due on your child's registration, you should be in touch with
Collette Landwer to make arrangements.
Please note that ALL parents are welcome to attend any of our OPEN Board Meetings - Please refer to the Board Meeting Tab.  If there is anything specific you wish to discuss, it must be placed on the agenda, so please contact Collette Landwer by NOON the day before the next board meeting.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email Collette Landwer
Thank you,
Wauconda Recreational Cheer Board of Directors


Please contact Cindy Cahill at (224) 475-5926
if you have any issues with your uniforms
or are waiting to get fitted.

We are proud to cheer for BULLDOGS YOUTH SPORTS.

Interested in playing Football?

Please visit their website at http://www.bulldogyouthsports.org/.

Mailing Address or Sending Payments to:
"Wauconda Recreational Cheer"
P.O. Box 442
Wauconda, IL  60084